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About Questers Run

About Questers Run


Questers Run is a guild that encompasses many play styles and areas of interest. Our guild is not considered a "hard core" raiding guild, but don't get us wrong we loved doing raids. The guild first and foremost was created to have fun and make new friends. We provide a community of mutual respect and courtesy in which any member may choose whatever mode of play they wish and can explore many different styles of play. All members are expected to abide the rules. Please review the code of conduct. If you have any questions and cannot reach us online, please send an email We hope you enjoy being part of one of the best guilds on Elune.


Greetings and Welcome!

-Questers Runs Officer Core
Guild Master      Caliannah (Suzi)
Co-GM                 Firenspice (Jay)
Guild Council     Jonbloodhawk
                            Nordrasi (Will)



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